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They can be gotten by the entire community without the use of. I loved that guy, free stuff is awesome. This subreddit if for any submissions you might have relating to GaiaOnline. Did some freebies on Gaia yesterday and today. Sometimes I like popping into request threads and doing random free art. That is pretty much. AT style freebies 2. Art Freebies Gaiaonline by Pureni.

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Go Ad Free With Plus. Art Freebies Gaiaonline. No comments have. Gaia Online Freebies. Load All Images. See more ideas about Artwork, See more.

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I find it helps to keep me from getting rusty with digital media. Also a good way to test different styles. A video of me playing zOMG! Gaiaonline User: Art Amino. Available on the App Store. Just some freebies I drew so far over my winter break. Gaia Online Art Freebies. You will. Just a couple quick art freebies I did for random members of gaiaonline. I think I did the best job on the one in the upper left corner. What do you. Just some freebies I did for GaiaOnline. How to Get Money on Gaia.

Getting money, or gold, on Gaia is exciting and really easy to do. Finishing up some more chibi freebies on gaiaonline C: Back in , full focus was on Facebook games and let online site stagnate a little nice environment, lots of freebies, catered lunch everyday, onsite zumba. Geemoji gives you access to hundreds and soon thousands! Welcome to the official Gaia Online Community Tumblr! Founded in by a few Pop-up View Separately.

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Did mew get your freebies? Winterr Dreams by floradore.

Art Freebies Gaiaonline

Look at most relevant Gaia theme full download websites out of 2. Gaia theme full. GaiaOnline ,. This is the place of all pixels that i bought when i am at Gaiaonline. Kongregate free online game Platform Racing 2 - Create your own levels, and race online with friends. Normal gold generators returned on August 26 [82]. On September 6, , Gaia user "Gash Thrashum" noticed a sudden spike in the amount of marketplace revenue on the previous day.

By September 7, however, a newly-registered user under the pseudonym of "Edward Snowden" speculated that LicorSkein is an alternate account owned by a staff member [83] p. Over the next few days, more alternate accounts suspected to be owned by Gaia staff were discovered, including one account that was linked to "Sandokiri", another site admin. Staff has admitted that LicorSkein is an account operated by staff [86]. However, they did not comment on the status of the other accounts that were mentioned. After the discontinuation of the weekly "Ask the Admins" threads on October 16, [43] , no on-site feedback gathering events occurred until the launch of "Ask the Staff" was announced on October 10, On the weekly event's debut on October 13, the staff admitted that they "are aware of the inflation issue on Gaia" and that they "doing everything … to address and resolve this important issue".

However, they intend to make the economy "work in tandem with gold generators". On February 18, , Waite was promoted to the position of General Manager [89]. The beginning of her tenure was marked with reduced gold generator outputs. Although this triggered complaints from gold generator buyers [90] [91] [92] , the reduced gold generator outputs contributed to price deflation. In March 15, she revealed that the total amount of gold circulating in Gaia "was reduced by one third" [93].

The deflation lasted until the release of the Golden Chocolate Box, the first of a series of limited-quantity gold generators [94] that has its output restored to its previous levels. Since then, most gold generators were sold for limited quantities only, and the total marketplace revenue hovered between trillion and trillion. During an "Ask the Staff" session on April 27, Waite, when asked about the effect of the April 3 survey regarding continued gold generator sales, said: Properly balanced gold generators allow us to make a certain amount of revenue that frees up our art and developer resources to work on features, new art and fixing old bugs.

This is what it all boils down to — resources. We have to look at situation as a domino effect. With goals not being hit, cuts will need to be made, either in art, features, or updates to the site. In the past, we set a wrong standard of things by not limiting the amount of gold that can be purchased. We understand that introducing gobs and gobs of gold into the economy is bad, but looking at the overall data, we have remained steady over the last couple months, and even a decline of gold in the economy. On June 26, Gaia Online released a new feature that enabled users to directly use Gaia Cash in buying items from the user-run marketplace.

Although this feature is branded as an attempt to curb inflation and to eventually phase out gold generators [98] , Gaia users in the feedback thread perceive the feature as another gold-generating feature [97]. Despite the release of this feature, gold generators continued to be sold. On August 18's "Ask the Staff" session, Waite revealed, "There will probably never be a point where [Gaia] never ever sell them again.

That being said, this is a rare occasion and will likely not happen again for some time. Gaia Online was put into an auction that eventually ended with Liu securing the top bid. He counted stabilizing the economy among his top priorities and planned to eliminate gold generators [] and other features that allow direct conversion of real-life money into Gaia gold [].

On February 3, , Liu revealed his plan to end gold generator sales on or before March []. The last gold generator item, Gold Truffle Box was released on January 31, [] , and the decision to discontinue them was made after two weeks []. ON August 7, , a new currency, platinum, was released [] at an exchange rate of 10 million gold per platinum [].

Although platinum will be the default currency for new users, gold won't be phased out yet. Currency grants in site features remain available in both currencies. The advertising methods used by Gaia also came under fire. Since the release of Flynn's Booty, users often receive pop-up ads, announcements, and private messages mostly to advertise either gold generators or Gaia Cash. Gaia has begun sending more site-wide announcements [] , mostly regarding Gaia Cash sales and gold generators since the first summer sale.

According to data gathered by Gaia users "Zandy" and "Vagah", Gaia Online used to send no more than one announcement every day from January to January However, there is a noticeable gradual increase in the amount of cash-related announcements beginning in July By October , the amount of cash-related announcements doubled compared to the previous month.

At June , they recorded a total of over announcements for that month alone []. Currently, users cannot opt out from receiving announcements, and a petition to have the option to disable them has gathered signatures as of February []. On September 10, , Gaia sent private messages to users who have never bought Gaia cash before. The reaction of the users were more focused on the re-release of Flynn's Booty than on the sending of said messages. On June 18, , Gaia started offering "personalized, individual sales" to users through the private messaging system []. This led them into reporting the admin account for sending them spam messages until they were told to stop doing so [].

Afterwards, Gaia's Site Feedback forum was flooded with complaints over admin spam []. The sticky thread that Sylvanus set up was overrun with complaints as well []. By June 23, Gaia announced the end of the personalized discounts without acknowledging the feedback against the messages. Anonymous reviews for Schofield can also be found on Glassdoor. Several staff members have also resigned. After the mass layoffs that marked the beginning of Schofield's tenure, Josh Gainsbrugh, a founder, was first to announce his resignation [29].

Next was Rosann Yip [39] , another founder, amidst the controversy created by the discovery of Loia's slideshow for Manos Accelerator. Although Castagnetto returned to organize official events as a contractor [] , he was quoted to have said that "Gaia isn't what it used to be" [61].

On August 23, , Derek Liu, the last remaining founder, made a post in his Facebook profile snapshot shown above about his "last day at Gaia Interactive".

gaiaonline avi art

A picture of the post was posted at the Chatterbox forum shortly []. Users thought that Liu has resigned until he himself appeared in the forums to clarify that he will be "working at home at some new projects" and he "won't be showing up at the Gaia Office for a while". Gaia user "im-all-at-sea" began in a poll that attempted to measure the distribution of wealth among users [].

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However, he began noticing in September that more users are reporting gradually higher net worth over a few months. He thus began using the thread to track the inflation in Gaia's economy. Using the marketplace revenue as the source of data for calculations, he estimated the annual inflation rate at around 1. Gaia user Zandy, also basing on the total marketplace revenue, estimated an annual inflation rate of 8. Using the data he gathered, he also estimated the annual rate of inflation at around 1 million percent.

Jason Loia continued to represent Gaia Interactive in business conferences despite the controversy over his presentation for Manos Accelerator. Meanwhile, the third slide of his presentation [] shows an outdated marketplace revenue graph taken from a review of the site by MMOHuts [] , which dates from February