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Time left: Other Specials. Valid Sunday-Friday during merchant's dinner hours not valid on Saturdays. Advanced reservations are recommended for Fridays and Sundays. Exotic Bites selections are not included in this deal but can be added for an additional fee to be paid directly onsite at market price. Reservations required; subject to availability. Upon arrival, present printed voucher or display in Travelzoo mobile app. Valid at the Fort Worth location only. Limit one voucher per table. Not valid on holidays or holiday weekends call merchant for specific date restrictions.

Limit two purchases per person; may buy two additional as gifts. If limit is exceeded, voucher subject to forfeiture. Specials credits not applicable. About Simply Fondue - Fort Worth. Simply Fondue - Fort Worth Click here for more details. Facebook Community. Our waiter ended up bringing us the Mediterranean cheese with a beer base, cheddar cheese, pesto, and sun dried tomatoes.

This one was better, but still salty. I don't know how all the customers are able to eat this much salt. We also chose the traditional cooking method and the grill. The grill took a very long time to heat up. For one small piece of chicken, it took about 10 minutes on the grill. Too much work! The jerk chicken however was my favorite meat on the plate. This portion of the meal required too much effort. The best parts were eating the jerk chicken and the fried cheese stuffed mushrooms.

I would absolutely come back to Simply Fondue just for the dessert. Their chocolate options are unique and plentiful. We chose the Kahlua Heath Bar. It was so creamy. My favorite dip ins were the brownie bite, rice krispie, and banana. I stuffed myself and could eat the chocolate by itself! If you want the experience, just do the dessert. That's worth it. The rest is truly too much work. Fondue never disappoints, good place for a date. Please don't take kids under The people across from us experienced this, poor kid. Parents seriously? I have kids, who takes kids under 5 or 6 to a place with burning hot oils?

Overall experience was good. Food was great and our server Jared was nice. Even when I asked about a particular song playing, he went to find out the name and came back a few moments later with the answer. The noise level could have been worse, but I think it was just the couple next to us was were naturally loud , but we did find them rather entertaining.

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We couldn't tell if they were on an actual date, going for Fathers Day, or divorcees trying to out do each other with their stories. However, we were not seated until 7. It was very aggravating because I made the reservation over a month prior to that night. One of the hostesses claimed that 'we needed to have all of our party present to start eating'. We weren't concerned about that. Even after the last two members of our party arrived, our table still wasn't ready.

I kindly let the hostesses know that we were all there and she said our table was 'still being prepared'. During this time, I saw many people come in with a reservation and were seated immediately. I would definitely come back though. Good was great and it was a ton of fun. However, I just now know that I need to make my reservation for 30 min before when I actually want to eat. Excellent food with outstanding service. Enjoyed every moment of our visit here.

When the courses were brought out We celebrated a birthday with a quiet romantic dinner. The service was both attentive and very friendly. The food was delicious on all courses. The chocolate fondue was decadent. The wine selection was very good as suggested by our hostess. If you are seeking a nice quiet evening with a special someone to have a romantic dinner, this restaurant should be on the top of your list. We had an excellent experience especially due to our waiter, Drew.

It was a magical, fun and delicious evening! Every person on staff was very friendly and provided great customer service. Our server was wonderful and the food was delicious!

The only improvements I noticed were that the floors were sticky, the women's restroom was in need of repair walls , and there was a strange odor when we first arrived maybe from the floors?? We had musical tickets and mentioned it to our server and the hostess, nevertheless the service was abysmally slow. For instance, the server did not bring enough cheese for our first course, he left to get more and did not return for almost half an hour. We had our salads before he returned with cheese, and by that time the fondue had begun to burn. By the time our entrees arrived we had 20 minutes to get through two more courses to make it in time for our tickets.

This place may be great, but it is definitely not for anyone that needs to eat in an hour and a half or less. Had a great time celebrating a friend's birthday. We had a girl's night out and had a blast at Simply Fondue. Our server Rachel was very helpful and knowledgeable. Alex the cutie pie bus boy that cleared plates was hilarious and very friendly and impressive with his plate clearing skills! This is a place that you want to go hungry. You will eat , eat and eat.

It is a ton of food. If you are looking for a fun place to just do dessert this is also a fun place to go with friends. The food is great but the dessert chocolate fondue with numerous selections of types of chocolate are incredible!!!! My best friend and I enjoyed an early dinner before heading to a graduation at the Convention Center on a Wednesday evening.

I heard him tell another table this is his first serving job. You truly wouldn't ever know. I work in a fine dining restaurant as well so I am very familiar with how service should be. We started with the Pepper Jack cheese. I order a spinach and strawberry salad and my friend had the Greek salad. Both were amazing. All were tasty in their own way but I could do without the salmon and tuna next time for the sole reason that it doesn't taste right when cooked in the traditional oil.

Luis was great about recommending his favorite items and suggesting sauces to give the meats a different taste. For dessert, we had the Kahlua Heath Crunch milk chocolate. Oh my gosh, delicious. We did not think we would even be able to eat dessert but it was fabulous.

Such a unique experience that Luis made so much fun for us. I'll definitely request him when I come back in the near future! From the moment we opened the door,we were met with outstanding customer service. The hostess, bartender, and servers were equally great! We have been here twice before and always have been happy! Great food and wait staff is very knowledgable and informative. I have read comments about this place complaining about having to cook your own food. If you are too lazy to skewer an already cut, trimmed and season piece of meat or vegetable this might not be the place for you, perhaps you would prefer an IHOP, or Taco Bell.

For everyone else, it's good food and a great atmosphere with great people working there! Love the idea of the place and a great 'ONE' time experience. I say one time because that is about how many times I will visit the place. Very quiet and romantic place Also if I pay that much I don't expect to cook my own food.

But it is a cool place just expect to spend a lot for a little. They need to add more value for what you are paying Service was excellent, food was great. There is a great selection and multiple cooking styles. Dessert choices are awesome! Used a Groupon, learned how to wait, Ninja Turtles? Simply Fondue Simply fell short.

We promptly arrived for our 9PM reservation friday evening. I mentioned coupes to the hostess - scan it now or later? After food. We were told 15 minutes for the table, we had a Groupon and it was a cursed mark.

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Food was awesome, staff were great, but it was terribly expensive even with a discount. I could've had a super expensive steak dinner for what it cost us. Almost bucks for 4 people is outrageous. And the smoke in the air from everyone frying their food was awful. I had to run to the restroom to splash my eyes and the ventilation was non existent. We were in town for my daughters dance competition and made reservations for Mothers Day. We were seated promptly. Our waiter was attentive and went over the menu answering our questions.

We went with the Mothers Day menu. Cheese fondue was good, bread was a little stale. The main entree selections were good. My daughter really enjoyed cooking her own food. The dresser rocky road fondue knocked my socks off. So good!! Restaurant seemed small, dark and cramped, probably because it was underground didn't know that when I made reservations. But overall it was a fun experience for my kid and I enjoyed my Mother's Day. We took a friend out for her birthday, it was her first time, and, of course, it was amazing. I wish they hadn't gotten all artsy with the food layout on the plate, because it made it seem like less food than what was there, but it's a one of a kind experience.

If possible, get the traditional and the veggie broth, the meat is great tradutional, but the veggies and ravioli are fantastic in the broth It's a once a year type outting, as the price is up there, but we look forward to it, and are always full and ready for a nap afterwords! Overall it wasnt a terrible experience but seems a little over priced for what it was. Went there for Mother's Day excited because I'd never been and heard great things.

The bread was a let down.. Wont recommend to a friend unless they have extra money and time to waste Great place to enjoy a group night out! We went with the four course meal and had a blast! Delicious, interactive and fun! Nice experience but will not do it again. Two martinis, and the regular menu. Great waitress. This was for our 30th anniversary. She made sure we were taken care of. At the end of the meal, she brought out a complimentary champagne toast.

Such a fun place! The atmosphere was good, not extraordinary. The food selection is higher than what I've seen at other fondu restaurants, and it is good quality. Having said that, it's not the most amazing food you'll ever eat, and there were long wait periods between meal courses. I'd say that's about what it is worth. Everything was perfect as usual. However it was very obvious this last time me and my boyfriend went in that our dessert potion on chocolate was shortened. I have been many times and we got about half the amount of chocolate for the dessert potion from what we usually get.

So of course we ran out of chocolate and couldn't dip some on the food. This is a guaranteed staple that always delivers a great dining experience. Had an amazing time! First time to try fondue and was blown away at how much fun it was and how delicious everything was! Will recommend Simoly Fondue to everyone! Great service as well! Food was great other than some of our desserts were still frozen when we ate them.

Service was great. Rachel was our server and she was great! Very attentive. We were celebrating my neice who's 8years old her outstanding achievement at school. This is the place she wanted to go. This was a great place to go for dinner! We made a last minute reservation and they took us to our table ASAP. The food was good. Our wait staff was kind and attentive. Overall a great night! So fun for a date night or special occasion.

Takes a long time when doing the 4 course meal so prepare and go hungry! We go every year for my husbands birthday. This year we were a little disappointed with the table we got, we sat at a booth around the corner from the kitchen, a little noisy and the area seemed like an odd addition to the restaurant weird lighting and tables seem closer together than the rest of the restaurant every other time we have gone we had much better more private seating so I would reccomend requesting better seating if available.

But The service was fantastic as usual, the food is good and the dessert is amazing. This is where I have taken my wife for our engagement dinner and now our 10 year anniversary. It is always a special dinner and they have always taken great care of us. Expensive with little return.

Staff attempted to accommodate but the product and presentation were so lacking that so it was nearly impossible for them to succeed in their efforts. Did i mention it was very expensive? Drinks and desert are all i would recommend. The fondue selection is amazing and I think anything you order would be very tasty! It's expensive but it's a 4 course meal so you get what you pay for. This spot is perfect for a small group of friends getting together or celebrating life!

First let's start with there was no good ventilation and the room smelled like old cooking oil. It was engulfing. I left with a headache. The restaurant is in a basement. The environment is dark and poorly maintained. The walls were damaged and there was an overall sense of disrepair. The main course was oily and not pleasant. I will be taking my business back to the Melting Pot.

The food was great when we actually got seated. We had reservations for 5: The food was good but not easy to cook and definitely not by there directions. I think it would also be beneficial if they had round tables for large groups so that large groups aren't reaching over each other to get to the sauces and the burners to cook the meat portion of the meal. The space was ugly.

Simply Fondue - Ft Worth

They seated us in a small room in the back packed with people. I was drowning in fumes and other peoples conversations. Not that the were talking anything but normal. As we left I noticed the other nicer rooms rooms were empty. I did not enjoy my special night. Go at least annually for my wife's birthday. Service and food were very good.

Expensive for a family but fun event. We had a great time there. The food was very fresh and came out at a good pace.

Our server was very good at giving us suggestions. Great food and nice atmosphere!! Would go back!! Similar to a place in San Antonio. When we got there we were not impressed at all and then everything went downhill from there. After we were seated our waitress stumbled through the menu and did not really explain anything other than its a four course meal. Didn't say you should try this or that. It felt very awkward. We decided on our order and I had requested my salad without onion or tomato. She brought our salads before the cheese fondue was made and my salad was wrong.

We had someone else take my salad back and brought back the correct one and she stumbled through an apology. She made our fondue and we got the feeling like she really didn't want to talk to us. The cheese was awful and left the temp setting too high and it got the skin to the top of the cheese. She comes out and asks us if we still want to have our cheese fondue with our entree. We told her we would like to finish our food first before we moved on. She muttered another apology of not trying to rush us. At the same time, we have the seating hostess running past us on the phone telling them where eat table was in their meal which is kind of rude.

We got the feeling through the entire meal that was all they wanted to do was rush you out. Our entree was sub-par just like the entire meal. We noticed that other tables received more food than what we had gotten and treated better than us.

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And the meats were not seasoned or if they were not very well. Once we were finished, asked if she needed help clearing. Her response is no my assistant will do that Anyway we finally get our dessert and since we had never been to the restaurant before she never explained why they did the campfire thing. We were instructed to stab a marshmallow and dumped something on our chocolate to light it on fire.

We were not given a choice whether we wanted to do it this way. The fact that this restaurant is located in a basement, one would think the proprietors of this establishment would try and do their best to cover that up. Unfortunately they did not, from the harsh spotlight ceiling lights to the open constant loud humming of the hvac vents nothing about this restaurant sets one at ease to enjoy your food.

Top that off with the rushed atmosphere with their hostess constantly I counted at least six times walking by loudly stating what course of your meal you were on, me nor my partner will ever come back. They only redeemable quality of the whole night was the excellent married couple that were tending bar. Great overall. Our server Mike was very pleasant, yet inexperienced. The ambience was not good. It smelled like smoke when you walked in. The hostesses were bery polite, yet rough around the edges. Food was very good, though not quite enough for the price.

We were looking forward to a slow relaxed evening without our baby. However, our wine flights or not timed well with the meal our sound course came before we were finished with our first cheese course. And everything seemed pushed to get us out the door. I frequent this one often and have never had anything but a wonderful and relaxing time. Great staff ask for Daniel and amazing food!! Everything from the easy curb side parking, fun food and personal attention was nothing but first class. We both had a outstanding date night.

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Nice to see a young staff that seems to really enjoy their job for a change. And the owner checking on guests. Added touch! Recommends to friends already. We waited 40 minutes past our reservation time. Nothing like Melting Pot. There's no vegetarian option on the menu. I was told, 'I can bring you some vegetables. Save your money. Go to Texas De Brazil around the corner. Simply Fondue is a dining experience for romantic couples. We were able to reserve a table the night before. They have ambient lighting and privacy that enhances the romantic atmosphere. The food is prepared on plates with a pot to cook your food in the center of the table.

We had a 4 course meal starting with salad, then cheese fondue, then main entree prepared with flavorful meat and vegetables where you can cook with or without batter and various sauces, and finally a dessert fondue melting fruit, marshmallows, cake, in white amaretto melted chocolate. The server was professional and personable.

It is definitely for special occasions; a romantic dining experience that won't be forgotten. We drove 2 hours to have a special valentines lunch for our first Valentine together. I have heard good things about simply fondue being a romantic place to go. But was somewhat disappointed. The area we were seated in was surrounded by 2 tables that had small children infant and toddlers.

If I would have known that we would have chosen somewhere else to go.

Simply Fondue

The lighting overhead was also blaring into our eyes and not very ambient or romantic at all. To spend the money we did for lunch I would have expected alittle more. Food was great though. Young women server in our area was awesome. Wish we would have had her but our server was ok just timid. Otherwise a good experience. Great place to eat with friends.

The only complaint i would have is that there were to diaper changing tables in the restrooms. Other than that great place. Went for dessert on my birthday with a big group and have been dying to go back every since! Get the s'mores fondue. Took my wife for valentines dinner.

It was our third time eating fondue-first time at Simply Fondue. Overall a good evening-server was very polite and engaging. Two miscues however: Had a little spoon to use for stuffing mushroom caps. He dug around in his shirt pocket among several pens to retrieve it and then proceeded to use it to stuff our first mushroom cap.

Not very appetizing! Later the vegetable broth boiled over and began to burn on the burner. Quite an odor.

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He then stepped over to the next table which he was servicing and spent several minutes talking to them while the burnt smell was getting quite strong at our table. Thankful for the high ceilings which allowed for dissipation or the evening might have been ruined. Food was very good--all 4 courses. I believe our oil burner was set too hot he did have a temperature thermometer? We adjusted. We would go back- and I believe have a wonderful meal. I'm not sure but our server may have been fairly new. I am not a fondue fan normally, but Simply Fondue is fantastic.

It immediately became my wife's favorite restaurant and I enjoy it too. Make your reservation 2 to 4 weeks in advance as well. They are popular for good reason. I made a reservation online It was my and my spouse's first visit we got there it's down town so parking was not good the restaurant itself was kinda cool we waited a really long time to be seated and the hostess was very unattentive they gave us an awful table next to the kitchen and the air vent above our head made a lot of noise the food was good but the service was pretty bad our server was barely present and took a really long time to take our order or even bring out drinks the place is not worth the price not all we felt ripped off.

This was a real disappointment we won't be returning. This Place is so cool! I was super impressed in the knowledge of the waiter we had and the quality of the food. The 'hands on' cooking was so much fun. I highly recommend the classic cooking method for the meat, and the Baily's Irish Cream Desert. Great wait staff, very attentive. Food was very good. Plan to spend some time if you come. This type of dining is not fast, but that is good. Very relaxing evening.

We came on a Thursday evening to celebrate my spouse's birthday. Reservations were made ahead online-so we were sat pretty quickly. The noise level was pretty quiet for how full the restaurant was. Everything was clean and the presentations of each course were nice. We had the pleasure of meeting our server on his first day as being a 'server' at Simply Fondue.

He was very polite and paid great attention to detail. That part was nice.

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I did get irritated that we chose Scandinavian style for our meat-but weren't offered any of the dipping sauces. That defiantly took away from our first dining experience at Simply Fondue. Considering that was the main course-that is why I didn't feel we really got what we paid for. My husband and I went here for the first time. We really enjoyed ourselves. Only drawback is it needs some updating The food was very good and our waiter was awesome. He was very attentive and helpful and gave us great suggestions which were spot on This was our first time at a fondue place, and we enjoyed it very much.

Our meal consisted of four courses - salad, cheese appetizer, meat, and desert. We were able to have two different cheeses and the meat selection was extensive. The beef tenderloin and garlic crusted chicken were excellent. Our waitress was Rachel and she was very pleasant and helpful. Overall it was a very fun experience. We went on a Monday before 6 so we got a discount. Great help in making selections. Fun choice for a special dinner. Simply Fondue FW is a great restaurant for special occasions. My husband and I attended NYE and had a blast. Fun place to go on a date or with friends. If you like sharing and trying something new this is the place.

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