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The instructions likely will walk you through these steps:.

Digital Converter Boxes

Contact the manufacturer of your converter box for troubleshooting help. Get Ready for Digital TV!


How will TV be different with a digital converter box? How do I get a digital converter box?

Call DTV or visit www. Coupons will be sent with a list of eligible converter boxes as well as a list of participating local retailers. This information is also available from the coupon Web site.

You can use your coupons to purchase boxes at a local retailer or through online retailers. Some boxes have additional features such as enhanced Closed Captioning or detailed on-screen program guide. Options vary depending on where you live, so ask friends, family or a neighbor for recommendations.

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Consumer Reports online, www. Will I need a new antenna when I install my converter box? How do I connect my converter box?

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The instructions likely will walk you through these steps: However, every aspect of the program pushed people to the Web. E-Mail this page. Printable Format. Advanced Search. I agree to this site's Privacy Policy.

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What is your primary job function? Please indicate your primary branch of government or business activity. As of July 31, , consumers can no longer obtain free coupons from the United States government to purchase a digital converter box. It gained additional funding in because of its popularity. Here are the basics of the program:. Toward the end of July, consumers were making 35, requests for coupons per day, with just over half those issued being used. On July 30, though, the number of requests totaled 78,, and on the final day, , were received.