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Works for me every time. I live in Texas, so I am not sure if it is a nationwide offer. I just called Subway Sandwich Customer Service. Subway has lost a point in my book although I understand their point of view. AND yes, the onus is on me to ask too. Next time I will. How many old people stop there. Give me a break.

Lost another point subway…. Thanks for your advice.

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They do NOT offer senior discounts per the manager. Even at Dunkin Donuts all over the US. I just ask for a Senior Discount every place I visit. Same with AAA, When the check restraint. Fast food or The Ritz I ask when the bill comes, for a senior discount. No one ever asks for proof or the above mentioned. When I turned 50, I did not ask if I did not see a sign. It took a while to get in to the habit of asking. But it is well worth it. AAA is very expansive, but I like the piece of mind. I have used it many times, while traveling in the car and motorcycle.

If you are on a budget, then AARP is a better choice. But not always necessary. Get in the habit of asking everyplace you Dine, Shop or stay, Every hotel chain offers a senior discount.

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Write down how much you saved in one month, 3 months and one year. Places you might not think to ask. Thank you for the great insights and advice. That story of generosity makes my day! If they think you really should pay dues to a political organization to get the discount, they should at least include AMAC to show they are balanced. Even being old is political these days.

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Just protect seniors from the craziness of DC. Association of Mature American Citizens. They publish a magazine, on-line newsletters, offer travel insurance similar to AAA, offer other discounts. We have been very happy with AMAC. The food is good too and there are gluten free and vegan choices. Dunkin Donuts ended its free donut for seniors effective March 31, Verified on the AARP website.

Do you remember me? Our kids were young children and now our youngest is We would like to hear from you and your wife. I am not eating anything golden from a corral! I resent horseradish too. Why you monsters aught to be ashamed. You think horseradish comes from horses?

Are you an idiot or is this a joke? Surely you have to be joking. Simply enter your age when you register on the site and get the discount during checkout. Top Chef Meals delivers made to order chef -prepared meals designed for seniors throughout the US. Our unique service allows you to choose every component of your meal and avoid those items you are allergic to. Microwave ready in under 3 minutes we offer breakfast, lunch and dinner tailored to most therapeutic needs. I felt so frosted. Perhaps writing a few words requesting a senior discount would take less energy than saying it. Judging from all the comments from the brain dead blue haired church going fossils on here, the only news you know is what you are spoon fed to believe.

You really love Trump? The guys a complete idiot and you know it, too. All the while, you sit here fighting over pennies, dead babies, and liberals. Name one good thing a conservative has done in the last 40 years. Keep your ignorant liberal assed political rants off non-political sites.

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  • Keep it to yourself. They deserved what you had to say! It had nothing to do with the subject for seniors!

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    • Joe, hate will destroy you. A conservative ended the cold war. I adopted a 9 year old girl who is thriving and will graduate from college soon. I wish you well…. Your comments are not appropriate on this site.

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      As a gray haired old Biddy I resent your remarks. You probably a millennial brat. This was an unexpected, but happily accepted response! I am totally on your page! Why seniors or anyone else for that matter would vote for that bloated ego, self aggrandizing, mentally ill, traitorous head of his own crime family, is beyond comprehension. Watch for destruction of Medicare and Social Security. It is on his agenda. Under obama we had the cost of Medicare go up and money taken out to help pay for extended Medicaid also we only got 2 raises, the first one the first year he was in office and the second one in during the year he was running for a Second term.

      To me it looked like it was Obama that wanted to destroy social security and Medicare. He was the only president that only gave two cost of living raises in 8 years. Right now the economy is doing well and we are at a national unemployment rate of 3. He has done more for the USA compared to Obummer in 8 years. Now back to the Senior Discounts. You feel you have to inject your bias everywhere you go? People like you are as divisive as you are pathetic. How you or anyone else can have any confidence in either party is beyond me.

      People like you will never wake up until the debt that was created by both parties buries you…and even then the real headstrong morons like you will chose the mindless game of casting blame. Leaving no phone to cancel. Free Short Stack In-Store. Submit a coupon you've found There was an error submitting your coupon. Please enter a store website. That website does not exist. Please make sure that you've entered the correct address. Thanks for submitting, but we're not accepting offers for at this time. You have already added the maximum number coupons for this week.

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