Harris teeter super double coupon schedule 2019

Whichever one you get used to will work great for you.

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is best used for deal shopping only. If you have an emergency need and Wal-Mart or Aldi are closer then you should shop there. Harris Teeter is also great for items that you cannot find in an Aldi store, but if I were looking to do some experimenting with new recipes I would suggest the ready to cook meal services.

Services like Blue Apron, Plated, and Hello Fresh allow you to cook higher end meals while providing you with all the ingredients.

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Harris Teeter Super Double Sundays - .99 Olay Foaming Body Wash

The Harris Teeter Coupon Policy I could just copy and paste what they put out but it is really confusing so I am going to break it down into nice easy to understand chunks. This means you can use one coupon for each item you purchase. So when they do a big event be prepared to go multiple days to get all the deals. Coupon Doubling Limits — HT only allows you to double coupons on three of the exact same item. So if you want four then you will have to make a trip on another day.

How to Use Coupons at Harris Teeter

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Sharing My Favorite Weekly Deals and Coupon Matchups at Harris Teeter

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Here is how it works shopping Super Doubles:

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Harris Teeter – Homemaking Mom

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How You Get the Deals

There were a few times that while I was checking out that other cashiers were trying to explain the coupon per day rule. This is their way of preventing the self-clearing that would be done without a limit.

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He is simply doing his job. When I was in college, I actually worked at Harris Teeter. Coupon events such as these were the most stressful time as a cashier. I understand we are all there to get a good deal, but these employees are there to do their job.